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Traditional trimming, cutting & shaving

Face it… you go to the hairdresser for it in the first place
cutting your hair, trimming your beard or for a shave. You want it perfect. At Barbier Tom we respect this craft: no bullshit, but unadulterated traditional craftsmanship. The result? The most handsome version of yourself, sharp and always majestically masculine.

Get the total experience of a shave at Barbier Tom. 

You have to experience the experience of a traditional shave yourself. Settle in for the art of shaving like you rarely find. Warm cloths open your pores, premium shaving cream protects your skin and the razor and dexterity of our barber take care of the rest. Then we cool and hydrate your skin. Ready to shine! The result is super smooth and ultimately refreshing. What's more masculine?


Drop in on Friday and Saturday WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT. 

Of course you can still reserve a place online! From now on, there are 2 barbers available for you by appointment and 2 barbers for people without an appointment! 

Welcome to Barbier Tom

Barbier Tom is a men's hair salon where, in addition to a haircut, you can also enjoy a traditional shave with warm cloth wraps. 
While you wait, you can also sip a drink during a pleasant chat. 
No women in sight, so real men talk is guaranteed.

20 years of experience. Put your excess hair in the basket with a steady hand ... 


Beard trimming = 19 €
Haircut = 39 €
Washing hair = 5 €
Haircut = 27 €

Full service shave = 39 €
Full service haircut and shave = 81 €
Shave head with razor = 35 €
Razorfade + cut = 37 €


You pay 10 treatments and receive 1 extra for free.

This subscription can only be used for treatments in the shops , not for the purchase of products in the physical or online shop.

You can determine the intensity yourself: it does not matter whether you visit us x times in 2 weeks or 2 years!

The loyalty card also has NO expiration date

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